TMAD Covid Relief - Tamilnadu and Pondicherry


Covid Relief - Tamilnadu 

TMAD's உங்கள் நண்பன் provision support drive started to support underprivileged families with provisions.

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Donation Details:

Donor Name  Amount
Poornima Chokkalingam 7500
Shibu G 200
Meenakshi N 900
Dhivya V 200
Suresh Kosuri 2000
Pratap Koyi 500
Saravanan (on behalf of Justin) 200
Saravanan Govindan 6000
Sanjay Kumar 500
Sangeetha Family's Kids 8000
Total 26000


11 June 2021

Bills and Photos

Expenses: Rs.7500

Volunteer: Sangeetha

Children are the Incarnation of God. To prove this, kids from our Volunteer Sangeetha's family donated their piggybank saving which amounted about Rs.8000 to donate provisions for 5  families and cooked food to the homeless people.

We have distributed provisions to 5 families in Athanur Patti, Vazhappady, Salem.

Two old age Women >> Two different family Living alone and struggling for daily needs, since they are Daily wage Farmer  workers.

One old age Woman living alone and who couldn't even walk, so neighbors are helping out for basic needs and food. 

Old age specially abled Woman - who lost her hand- daily wage worker struggling for Basic needs, Since she doesn't have any work.

Farmer worker - Old age woman - single mother who was supporting her family and now affected by Corona,  so entire family is suffering even for food.


09 June 2021

Bills and Photos

Volunteers: Sangeetha

We distributed the food packets consisting on Rice, Fruit, Juice and Sprouted Green Gram to them.


09 June 2021 

Bills and Photos

Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Sangeetha

Expenses: Rs.1500

TMAD Supported Renuka's Family from Vadapalani, Chennai. She is a Daily wage worker earns by selling tea in the road side and taking care of her family with that income. TMAD could make a difference  to her family during this pandemic by supporting her with  1500 rupees worth of Provisions.


09 June 2021

Bills and Photos

Volunteer: Saravanan Govindan, Sreenivasan

Expenses: Rs.6000

TMAD have distributed Provisions to 4 families in Ulundai, Thiruvallur District, Tamilnadu through my friend Srinivasan. He identified the families and did all the ground work to support this noble cause.

1.Punitha's family  - Her husband is not well and under medication, 2 son and 1 girl. Her son who used to work as daily wage is out of job now due to covid.

2.Selvi's Family - Single parent family. one son and daughter, Daily wager. no job due to covid situation

3.Usha's Family - Single parent family. 2 daughters. Daily wager, No Job due to covid support

4.Indrani's Family , Grandmother taking care of one grandson and grand daughter. Daily wager, no job currently. 


08 June 2021

Bills and Photos

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

Expenses: Rs.1500

TMAD have supported Gopala krishan garu from Alwarthiru Nagar, Valasaravakkam, Chennai, 70yrs old Bachelor, who requested us for provisions support. We had supported ₹1500 worth of provisions.


08 June 2021

Bills and Photos

Volunteer: Sangeetha T

Expenses: Rs.1505

We provided provisions to the needy Mrs. Valli  from Mogapair Chennai through epayment to the Store 

Her husband was working as Driver. Due to lock down, he is currently jobless. They have two girl children and struggling a lot even for school fees and basic needs even from last year. They are managing only with these kind of funds and helps.


07 June 2021

Bills and Photos

Volunteer: Sangeetha T

We also started supporting homeless people - started providing home made food for them as much as we can...

Food packet consists of 

1. Lemon rice and Tamarind rice - VitaminC

2. Boiled Brown chickpeas sprouts 

3. Lemon juice made with Brown sugar instead of white Sugar - Vitamin C

4. Indian Gooseberry - Amla - Vitamin C


01 June 2021


Volunteer: Sangeetha T

Expenses: Rs.7500

 TMAD's உங்கள் நண்பன் provision support drive started to support underprivileged families with provisions. Our Proud Volunteer Sangeetha have distributed Provisions to 5 families in village (Athanur Patti, near vazhappady Salem, Tamil Nadu).

1. 2 Women who are running their entire family on their own and are farmer workers, due to lock down they are not able to travel to the farms and no work for them as of now.

2. One vision less person - who lives alone -  Daily wage worker - no work due to lock down .

3. Old age Man (Grandfather) - who lives alone - daily wage worker - no work and suffering for basic needs.

4. 3 young Girl children - who lost their Mother few weeks ago in an accident - for which they didn't even get the justice yet and Father also handicapped and drinking person who doesn't support these Kids  

We will continue to support the needy during this covid situation. Thanks to our sponsors who made this happen.


07 July 2020

Bills and Photos

Volunteer: Meenakshi N

Donor Name


Poornima Chokkalingam


Dhivya V


Meenakshi N


Venkateswararao Remella





      TMAD supported Mrs.Ponnamma with provisions while she was financially impacted during Covid times. She is working as maid in valasaravakkam, Chennai. Our Volunteer Meenakshi paid the Provisions bill remotely while Mrs.Ponnamma was asked to purchase the provisions in nearby store. Meenakshi, you are true inspiration to us. TMAD is proud to have such great volunteers.


Covid Relief - Pondicherry

Bills and Photos

Volunteers: Nandini Raghavan, Chandru.M, Kishore Kumar Javvaji

Donor Name


TMAD Contribution


Mangala Bhimappa Jaggal


Krishna Prasad U


Kishore Kumar Javvaji


Saravanan Govindan





22-Apr-2020: One of our Chennai volunteers, Nandini, hails from Pondicherry. Her friend, Chandru, who is also from Pondicherry has been doing service along with his friends in Bangalore and Pondicherry.

As Central govt. did not allow for shifting migrants from Ranchi to Jharkhand from Bangalore, their MLA assured support through Jharkhand Bhavan in Bangalore and are committed to take care of them.  So Chandru and his friends shifted their focus to Pondicherry.

Chandru and his friends identified 100 families in two different areas in Pondicherry and are planning to distribute soon. They collected around ₹25k so far. Based on total donations they may change the items or number of families.

Pondicherry government decided to give 10kg rice to each family in need in their state irrespective of Ration card (it is in process of final approvals in state cabinet), if that is the case they will remove rice in their kit and distribute other items. 

28-Apr-2020: From TMAD, we donated 16k for dry ration. Further help depends on the fund we will be able to raise. 

Volunteers: Nandini Raghavan, Chandru M, Kishore Kumar Javvaji.

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